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Hello, If you don't already know me I am Danielle and I run Danielle's Cakes Pershore solely

If its making cakes, answer messages, shopping or washing up (and believe me there is a lot of washing up) it is being done by myself

Why did I start Danielle's Cakes Pershore?

Well, If I'm honest it was a number of reasons..... I was unhappy with working "for" people, that didn't really appreciate me or the work I did.

I also found that I wanted flexibility that you just don't get form the average employer as I wanted time for my little boy, someone has to drop him at preschool and pick him up and I am so grateful that it can be me.

Oh!.....  I love baking and decorating cakes, bringing joy to people with both the wow effect and then the taste! I mean what could be better than artwork you can eat!?

Thirdly..... I want to build a future for Roman (my little boy) he is the center of my universe now so I will do all I can to be successful for my family. So that he can be proud of his Mummy.

In 2023 I took part in the biggest international cake competition in the world and achieved a bronze for my wedding cake design, This is such an achievement but me being me will constantly think (3 marks off silver) as I was soooo close, I strive for perfection but I'm so proud of what I produced and cannot wait to replicate this in your wedding cakes

Anyway I hope I haven't bored you to death but I hope this gives you an idea of why I do what I do, and love every moment of it

The Story of Danielle's Cakes Pershore

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